3 Things You Should Consider When Looking For High Speed Internet Service

Choosing a High Speed Internet Service Provider is an easy process that requires a little research before making your selection. As I was thinking about this post, I tried to remember when my wife and I were on the hunt for High Speed Internet Service. This is what I wrote down this morning. I thought that I would share this with you.

I guess one of the first things to consider is the speed you need. Many providers give you a whole host of connection speeds to choose from. It doesn’t make sense to pay for more speed than you need. Take a look at how many emails you send out each day. Do you listen to music or watch videos? Do you play games? These types of things can require a higher speed connection.

The second thing you may want to consider is the ability to set up a network. Whether you are working from home or setting up your office, many High Speed Internet Service Providers offer support for multiple computers. If you have kids and each them have their own computer – you’ll want to consider this one carefully.

The last thing to consider is the service and security features the ISP provides. Again, if you have children, you may want to keep them off of certain sites. Also, it’s a peace of mind thing… you don’t want to have to worry about your computer catching a virus or something worse. A lot of high speed ISP’s provide an Anti-Virus System built right in. By that I mean… anti-virus protection comes with their service.

Charter Internet Launches New Offers

In expectation of higher demand during this holiday season, Charter Internet is launching several new offers on their bundled services. They have some of the strongest pricing incentives in the business and maintain a high level of quality and service. Below is a summary of their new offering:

Two new Charter Double Plays will be available 11/13.

Cable TV Limited Basic +5M Internet: $39.98/month for 6 months

  • $74.98 ($49.99 + $29.99) installation charge
  • Roll-to pricing: $54.98/month

Cable TV Limited Basic + Phone: $39.98/month for 6 months

  • $29.99 installation fee
  • Roll-to pricing: $54.98

Be sure to follow the link to see all the current offers available in your area.

Att Uverse $250 Cash Back Offer Expiring August 18th

If you are considering switching to att uverse, you still have about a week to take advantage of one of their best online-only offer of the year. They are offering an additional $150 on top of their normal $100 cash back if you order one of their bundles. This offer expires on 8/18/2009 and you qualify with any of their U200, U300 or U450 packages. To give you a quick review, their packages break down like this:


  • As low as $64 per month
  • Up to 220 channels
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $79 per month
  • Up to 290 channels
  • Includes one DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $109 per month
  • Up to 360 digital channels with >95 of them in full HD
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels

You can choose any of the above packages and At&t U-verse High Speed Internet to take advantage of the offer. If you only want the television package, you will qualify to receive $200 Cash back. They usually send the checks within 4 to 6 weeks of redemption. But be sure to read their “see offer details” to learn more.

New Comcast Specials Offering Up To $300 Cash Back

Summer time couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of the latest  Comcast specials. You can save a lot of time and money by simply looking for current online only cable offers. The fast connection speed will give you more time to do other things you enjoy doing. Spend more time with the family, play sports, or read a book instead of waiting for your internet.

There is also additional time saving features you can take advantage of when cruising at high speeds. When you pay bills online, shop online, or purchase tickets online, you can save on gas and get discounts. A lot of websites offer discounted tickets when you purchase their tickets online. So, why wouldn’t you want to save money while having a high speed internet connection?

Internet Providers Competing For Your Business

Now more than ever, internet providers across the country are competing for your business. Long gone are the days where the internet giants were able to prey upon their early adopter customers. With the increased demand for high speed internet, many providers are fiercely cutting prices as well as providing enhanced service. Almost everywhere you turn there is a cash back offer from an internet provider begging you to switch. Cable services like Comcast are offering up to $300 cash back from time to time. At&t is offering $250 cash back and one of the most advanced integrated systems in the U.S. through their Uverse offering. So be sure to get familiar with the deals are out there before you pony up the cash.

Maximizing Internet Speed

If you’re one of those subscribers who keeps on phoning their internet provider for their slow connection but nothing seems to work out, hold it right there! You can always try to optimize our pc to get the most from your internet connection. Make sure to get the latest updates of your software, programs installed, OS or anti-virus. Check for disk errors and rearrange your data. Use a good browser like Firefox and make sure that your browser setting is on default. Some may require playing around with your System Settings, which is not recommended for newbies and should let a pro do the job.

Featured DSL Providers

In the high speed world of Internet access, information about where to get the fastest connection is whirling by so quickly, it’s hard to really grasp what it is all about. Understanding your needs as a high speed consumer is essential and investigating what types of services may be in your area will give you a clear picture of what options you may have when finding a new service provider. For this reason we decided to come up with a series of featured DSL providers and mini reviews. The end destination will take you to the latest offers and promotions that each of these broadband providers have to offer.

Making Your Way through the Jungle of DSL Providers

Finding ways to differentiate between DSL providers can be very tricky. In many cases, the slight variances in their services, in many cases, leave consumers wondering what the differences really are. Understanding your priorities to services before you start your own investigation is the best way to go about making sense of the process. If high speed and large volume capacity are important to you, then looking at higher end packages is probably where you need to start. If extras like security or parental controls are important to you, finding the Internet provider that does not charge for those extras will be your key. Taking an inventory of your wants and needs will narrow your scope to finding the best provider for you. Another consideration is looking to sites like wikipedia.org that will help you better understand the terminology for DSL or Digital Subscriber Lines.

Top AttUverse Offers

If you are looking for the latest AttUverse offers be sure to take advantage of the online only deals that are out there. You can follow the above link to find the latest att uverse deals since they are updated on a weekly basis.

AttUverse brings fiber optics and super fast conectivity at affordable prices. They are revolutionizing the way we watch digital television, transmit internet signals, and call through their digital phone technology. Thanks to the no nonsense promotions and money back guarantees, consumers can now try out the uverse service without any risk.  As of today, they have a $200 cash back offer for new customers that definitely helps in the long run.

DSL Providers: Great Service, Great Price

DSL providers enable their customers to transmit large amounts of data and voice at the same time over existing telephone wires. Larger metropolitan communities usually have several broadband options including Cable, Satellite and DSL providers. Unfortunately, in more remote areas the only high-speed data service available is through a satellite company which can be quite pricey. Most high speed internet providers offer bundled services that include high definition digital television and telephone connections along with high-speed computer service.

The DSL providers allocate a dedicated telephone line to the site allowing the user to transmit data at a consistent rate twenty-four hours a day.  Customers needing to transmit large amounts of data between offices can easily do this when it is most convenient for their schedules instead of waiting for times when there is less traffic on the lines.  This enables them to do business in real time rather than having to wait for the next day to discuss shared data.  Cable and satellite high-speed data transmission providers cannot offer this same assurance.  When the number of customers using the service in a given area increases, the speed of the service slows down accordingly.  This is why it is important for customers to ask questions about the number of subscribers there are currently participating in a given area before choosing a high-speed provider that is not a DSL provider.

Charter Internet Making News

It seems like there are so many big businesses that make enormous amounts of money and only hold on to their profits with greed. Charter Internet is of great contrast to this comment. In fact Charter Internet recently held an online auction open to the public. As people auctioned off items and paid their dues, large profits were made. However instead of Charter Internet keeping all the money for themselves, they donated all profits from the auction to the Habitat for Humanity. This is a great display of character and integrity within the company which is seldom replicated throughout the business world. Charter Internet not only provides high speed internet service, but also high speed assistance to charities in need.

The $14.99 DSL At&t Internet Promotion is Back!

We’re letting the internet community know that the old $14.99/month At&t internet promotion will be coming back on October 2, 2008. You can find the offer through the link provided above. The offer will extend through December 10, 2008. Att internet promotions serve the following states: IL, IN, OH, MI, WI, AR, KS, MO, OK, TX, CT, CA and NV.

For those of you in  AL, MI, LS, KY, TN, GA, FL, NC, and SC you will have the same offer extended to you under the BellSouth At&t partnership.The $14.99 offer is for their FastAcess DSL Lite plan which is a good option if you are a casual surfer.

It is also important to be aware that this promotion is only valid in conjunction with the purchase of their telephone service and some other restrictions apply so be sure to read the fine print before signing up.

DSL Providers: How to choose?

DSL has come a long way since its inception and many top DSL providers are now rivaling Cable internet companies for market share. But with all the ISP clutter, how do you go about choosing the right one. The key is to compare DSL providers at the plan level. With so many features and benefits to choose from, your decision will become simpler if you first consider what you will be using the internet for. This will help you choose a speed that is right for you.

For example, if you are planning on streaming video, you will need a super fast connection. On the other hand if you are just a casual surfer wanting to check emails, read the latest news, and maybe minor research, then you are likely to only need moderate speed. So now you can compare plans from at&t, verizon, or any other DSL provider based on that speed level. The idea is only pay for the amount of speed you need. It is always easier to upgrade rather than downgrade a service.

Verizon Internet Service Teams Up With Yahoo

In a recent press release, Verizon Internet Service announced they renewed their deal to utilize Yahoo’s internet portal as one of the starting pages for their wired service. In fact Verizon will offer their portal as the first choice, even above MSN and their own interfaces. I’ve never been a fan of these interfaces and prefer a customized Google start page, but if you are used to everything Yahoo, then you will feel right at home.

Where the real battle is taking place is on the mobile front. Verizon has not finalized a deal to date and is in talks Google. When talking about a mobile portal, functionality is the most important factor to consider. Patience runs thin when you have problems navigating through a mobile browser and the quicker you can reach the places you want the more people will stick with that particular service.

Broadband: the Voice of the Future if you are on FiOS!

Broadband brings the internet to your home at lightening fast speeds if you have Verizon FiOS Internet service, but now it is being used increasingly to replace home phone service as well. Voice over IP (VOIP) technology allows you to use your broadband connection to make voice calls to any number anywhere!

You no longer have to pay long distance to call your brother in St. Louis- many VOIP companies offer free nationwide long distance. There is no separate line run into your home- this runs seamlessly over your existing broadband connection! Broadband gives you this capability along with fast downloads and web surfing. Voice combined with internet- it is the way of the future! Your broadband connection is always on and always ready to take you where you want to go! Its fast, easy and ready for you!

Broadband Saves You Time, Money and Headaches

The internet is a wild and wonderful place that can be accessed easily through the latest Comcast DSL Promotions. You can learn anything, buy anything, and meet anyone. But, without broadband this quickly turns to frustration.  Broadband is the way to avoid time-consuming waits, frustration, and save money.

With broadband, sites load almost instantly, and pictures pop up quickly. You no longer have the seemingly endless wait while the website loads line by line. You are able to pull the sites up much quicker and your able to move on to the next with greater speed. You no longer have the frustration of waiting for pictures to load slowly, only to find that in your wait you missed a great deal or an auction ended! You get near instant access to all that the internet offers! Broadband also features great ways to save money. From printing online coupons to using Voice Over IP technology, broadband offers a variety of great ways to save!

Broadband: Full Speed Ahead

Broadband may seem like the newest in a line of techno buzzwords, but its benefits are real for everyone. Especially companies that offer at&t cable internet services. Gone are the days of waiting for modems to connect to the internet with high pitched wails- your broadband is always on and there is no waiting. You just open up your web browser and away you go!

Broadband also brings you the internet at incredible speeds. There is no more waiting patiently, sipping coffee while images load. Images load at amazing speeds making your web experience seamless and fun. Your favorite shopping site pops to life almost instantly and there is no frustration of waiting for more pictures to load.

When considering internet options, broadband is the feature-packed way to experience the web the way it was meant to be- quick and easy!

Park the car and turn on your time warner road runner internet connection

Why commute when you can access the world through your Time Warner Road Runner Internet connection. With gas prices going up all of the time with no end in sight, it’s getting expensive to commute to work. Many people drive to work, so that they can attend meetings, use a computer and access the companies network. However with broadband technology in place, more and more people are choosing to do all of these things from home.

Do you have a computer at home? Odds are pretty good that if you’re reading this, you do. Many programs will allow you to access your companies network, or even work computer from home. Still more allow you to teleconference or use voice over IP to communicate with colleagues. So what are you waiting for? The infrastructure is in place. Ask your boss about using broadband to work from home today!

How big will wireless broadband be in the future?

Many experts suggest that by the year 2015, wireless broadband will hit the 2 billion customer mark worldwide. Most of the lions share will be taken by the cellular companies and peripherals. That equates to over $784 billion dollars in annual service revenue. The reason for this hyper growth in the wireless broadband spectrum in my opinion is two fold. First you have the advancement wireless technologies and devices that will provide us with a life changing moment the way cellular virtually changed all our lives. We will be able to do things and use our super pda phones in ways we never imagined. Secondly, there will also be a lack of infrastructure build out to many remote areas and wireless broadband is the perfect solution once prices drop to an affordable rate. Whether you are a user or an entrepreneur looking to take a piece of the pie, one thing is for certain, we are in for a new technology revolution.

AT&T Upgrading its HSDPA Technology

AT&T is currently setting aside the ISP issues just like Verizon Internet Service access and controversy prices due to their massive bandwidth upgrade based on HSDPA technology. It will make the 1.7 Mbps download speed to 7x faster. No definite date yet, when it will take effect. Wireless internet is slowing making it’s name, and mobile users demand for more speed. They are also give hints when their so-called “Long-Term Evolution” (LTE) technology in wireless technology will be released. It promises a 100Mbps download speed that will be launched between 2012 or 2013 the least. AT&T claimed that they want to provide more than internet service but bringing its subscribers the content and application that they need without worries.

AT&T Sheds Light on Internet Charges

The rising issue and controversy on metered internet access and other policies adopted by ISPs has been the top of the IT news. AT&T Internet Promotions are continuing strong with the introduction of Uverse. According to many providers, it’s not about controlling, throttling heavy internet users or about attempting more income. But, it’s on how to give measures between the peak and off-peak hours and to reshape internet usage without hurting the majority of the subscribers. AT&T is considering usage-based pricing that will affect only a certain number of subscribers. The company may start testing the usage-based pricing this fall.

Usage Based Internet Charges

Internet Service Providers comparable to Time Warner Road Runner Internet access service are changing the way on how they charge their customers’ bandwidth consumption. We are in the era where users use the internet more than before. Video and music downloads are everywhere. And, ISPs are having a hard time to cope up with the demand for more speed. Now, ISPs are trying to make both ends meet. The idea started with Time Warner’s metered internet consumption. And, it seems like others will follow depending on the result. AT&T’s approach seems different. They suggest a usage based internet charge setting a low peak cap at night and a high off-peak cap during the rest of the day.

Whooping 10 to 50 Mbps High speed Internet across the Country

US have been suffering from slow-broadband speeds over the past years compared to those in Japan and South Korea. But finally, ISPs like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast DSL internet service and others are now using fiber optic upgrades to provide a 10-50 Mbps download speed across the US. The cost may not be as competitive as those in other countries but the internet providers are trying to find ways on how to lower the cost without hurting their pockets. To give you an idea, we are looking at a price in between the range of $100 – $150 for a 20 Mbps speed a month. But, as competition heats up between wireless broadband and DSL or cable internet service, anyone can assume that it will force ISPs to lower the cost in the next few years.

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