New Portland Phone Tax Causes Lawsuit With Internet Service Providers Salt Lake City

A November 2012 vote which would have raised up to five million dollars for Portland police department reforms has come under fire from one of the most prominent internet service providers Salt Lake City. CenturyLink has decided to file a lawsuit against the City of Portland because it feels that the wireline tax will interfere with the ISP’s ability to compete with other providers.

In addition, the ISP claims that the tax violates the law, both on a state and federal level, and doesn’t include wireless operators, the most dominant, at least in Portland, where over 3 million subscribers enjoy the service. Other providers in the area wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit, even though some of them have a significant presence there.

FCC Team To Facilitate Broadband Transition Process With Internet Service Providers San Jose

The FCC now has a team to help with the transition that internet service providers San Jose and other ISPs are making toward IP based networks from TDM based networks. Regulations need to be reviewed which may be outdated or irrelevant. For example, with old telephone systems, there were certain rules, including those for rotary and pulse dialing which are simply not applicable in the IP broadband world.

The FCC team’s role in the transition will be to help companies and regulators to better understand what kinds of issues they will be facing during the transition. The ability to anticipate potential problems can mean that they are eliminated before they become significant enough to present a barrier. As well, having a clear direction will allow effort and investment to be funnelled directly to broadband networks.


Advertising Tailored To Your Overheard Activities By Internet Service Providers Seattle?

A proposed advertising method has recently been patented by a well-known ISP which actually sends viewers ads based on surveying their activity with microphones and infrared cameras. Nope, you read that right. If it works, the method could very well be adopted by internet service providers Seattle. But how is user activity recorded and discovered?


The detection system is actually a zone near the user’s television. Phone conversation details can be ‘heard’ as well. Should the detection facility pick up one or more words, they may be used to find advertisements which reflect the words recorded. In addition, the service would also be able to tell whether a person as singing, playing a musical instrument, laughing or eating, among other activities. Although production of the system has yet to begin, there are already many questions being asked about it.


Dreaming About Flexible Tablets? Time To Wake Up

If you’ve been daydreaming about the time when you will be able to roll up your technology and put it in your pocket like yesterday’s sales report, you might not have to wait much longer. New tablets have been developed in a joint effort between Intel Labs, Queen’s University and Plastic Logic, and they look just like a sheet of paper.

The almost 11 inch plastic display is flexible and reacts to touch. Where a series of tablets are present, each can display a different app, and screens can interact with each other. For example, if a document needs to be opened on another tablet, you simply tap one page on another, and then use a twist or flick to execute additional commands.

Netflix, And Its Performance On Networks Like Internet Service Providers Baltimore

If you’ve recently switched to Netflix to enjoy high-quality streaming video, you may wonder just how fast it is over your particular provider. If you’re watching in HD with internet service providers Baltimore, you are doing so at about 4800 kilobits per second. Of course, this isn’t steady; customers may shift through a number of different bitrates before they get to the highest possible speed, and may see their speeds decrease several times during the movie or program they’re watching.

Thankfully, Netflix customers can choose the fastest network path that’s available to them. This allows Netflix to become kind of a reporter, giving the customer insight as to how well their ISP sustains throughput over time. Leading the pack in the United States is a company who streams with an average speed of 2667 kilobits per second. In Canada, the leading company streams at a 3020 kbps average.

Copyright Alert System Now In Effect Among Internet Service Providers Los Angeles

Much has been in the news regarding the new rules of copyright infringement over peer-to-peer networks. The Copyright Alert System, or CAS, which is supposed to deter subscribers from sharing illegal software, music and other files. Several well-known internet service providers Los Angeles are already participating.

The CAS consists of multi-level warnings to would-be infringers, beginning with a subtle message in the beginning and slowly graduating in urgency until the slowing down of internet speed or temporary suspension becomes necessary. But internet users also have a way to appeal these actions. They can pay $35 and request that their network activity be reviewed. If no incriminating evidence is found, the user can have their money refunded. But illegal activity is detectable using MarkMonitor software.

Internet Service Providers In New York And Bathroom Access

If you have a connection with internet service providers New York as well as a smart phone, then you have probably accessed some kind of online content from one of the busiest places in your home: the bathroom. And don’t feel embarrassed if you do, because you join many other smart phone owners who admitted to it!

To be more precise, eighty-seven percent of Android users admitted to using their phone in the bathroom, followed by 84% of Blackberry owners and 77% of iPhone owners. But the really interesting part of this research is that the amount and type of usage varied with the type of phone that was owned by bathroom surfers. For example, Blackberry owners were far more likely to answer their phone while in the bathroom than owners of other Android or iPhones.

Economic Benefits Of High Speed Internet Service Providers Orlando

It`s no secret that when a broadband internet connection is present such as one with internet service providers Orlando, the local community benefits. And the National Broadband Plan has been a big part of that, working to ensure that all Americans have access to the internet. When this is possible at the local level, both small businesses and small communities have the opportunity to compete with other businesses and communities around the world.


Having internet also allows those who are looking for work to have access to far more resources than they would without the internet. The ability to go online eliminates the limitations that would normally prevent a successful job search, such as finance and geography. Online access also benefits those who are wishing to further their education with quality institutions which may not be accessible otherwise.

Breaking Up With Mobile And Internet Service Providers Dallas

If you feel your relationship with one of the many mobile or internet service providers Dallas is not as happy as it used to be, you don’t have to stay with one company for life. Mobile companies love contracts, and they can definitely be beneficial for you if it gets you a new device for no upfront cost. But sometimes, a contract isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, which could leave you high and dry.

The good news is that if you act quickly enough, you can get out of a contract before you get locked in. The current deadline to get out of a cell phone contract without penalty is two weeks. In addition to getting out within the grace period, you may also have an out if your carrier changes the wording of their contract, even if it’s a seemingly-insignificant change.

Getting The Best Deal With Internet Service Providers By City

Anyone’s internet connection can have its glitches. But when the issues with your connection prevent you from enjoying it or using it for what you need, then it might be time to start looking for another company. When you need a new company as soon as possible, searching for internet service providers by city is a good way to start.

Understanding who offers service in your area and what kind of connection they offer can save you tons of time. And the best way to see who offers you a connection is to get help with comparing online. The ability to see all the internet companies near you on one page can give you at-a-glance convenience. And if you want to know more, all you have to do is click through to the provider site.

How To Surf Without Being Noticed

There are many legitimate reasons why someone would want to surf the internet anonymously. One of these could be using a computer shared with a spouse to shop online for a special anniversary gift or plan a once-in a-a-lifetime trip. But how can you do that, in this day and age with so many virtual eyes watching? One way is to use a proxy.

Simply by typing in the term ‘internet proxy’, you will see there are thousands of sites to choose from. You can also use a proxy in the form of a program that you download and install on your computer. Web-based proxies will usually require you to enter in the web address into their search bar in order to cover your tracks. Installed programs will usually allow you to turn your anonymous surfing on and off at will.

Special Christmas Apps Launch Today To Help You Track Santa With Internet Service Providers Plano

If you’re not into using NORAD to track Santa’s movements this year, you may be happy to know that you can still use your connection with internet service providers Plano to track him with Google. Some of the tools offered by the search giant this year include a dashboard where anyone can watch the jolly elf’s distance travelled so far, along with how many presents have been delivered, and Google Maps, which allows for viewing of his once-yearly trip in real time.

And anyone can download a Santa’s Village web app which is chock-full of toys and games for all kinds of holiday fun. You can even bring the Christmas spirit to your friends by making Santa call them. Or, you can take to the air and help an elf with a jetpack find and collect those gifts that may have become lost.

Enjoy Holiday Recipes, Movies And More With Internet Service Providers Jacksonville

If you’re filling your holiday with all things family, then you will be happy to know that internet service providers Jacksonville, including AT&T, have lots of holiday fare to offer. There is a bevy of holiday fun to be had at the AT&T web site which features all manner of holiday videos, including TV Guide Specials, last-minute gift ideas and holiday music by accomplished artists including Amy Grant and Michael Buble.

If it’s cooking tips you’re after, the site has that too, with easy-to-make recipes that are delicious but don’t require a whole day in the kitchen. And looking back is as easy as clicking if you want to see what made 2012 such an incredible year. You can even find tips to get the most from the year-end tax scramble.

Do Internet Service Providers Brooklyn Offer Wireless Aircards?

Those having satellite internet from internet service providers Brooklyn may wonder if there’s a better way to be able to watch streaming video online. There may be a solution if you check into the wireless aircard. These cards have a few benefits, including low latency and the ability to give you speeds which are comparable to that of broadband.

Another benefit to using the wireless aircard is the fact that it’s highly mobile, so that no matter where you go, you can get online. It sure is a lot easier that trying to pack up your satellite dish! Discovering whether or not the wireless aircard is for you begins with researching ISPs in your neighborhood to see what kinds of internet connections they offer. And then, checking into what previous customers have to say about them, in addition to any industry ratings they may have received can give you a good all-around view of the kind of company they are.

Tech-Savvy Santa Hits Internet Service Providers Raleigh

Customers of internet service providers Raleigh, namely AT&T, will be able to get in touch with Santa via text and a special U-Verse app. The app, called Santa Tracker, will allow children to track the jolly elf’s movements faster than any Christmas before. U-Verse customers will be able to visit the North Pole on Christmas Eve when they go to channel 98. The app will also give more information about Santa’s team, including a bio for each of Santa’s reindeer, as well as facts about the North pole, holiday project ideas, and more.

And when customers text 1224 – a special no-charge code – before December 25, they will receive an invitation from Santa himself to text him their wish lists. In addition to all of the holiday fun that can be found with the Santa Tracker app and wish list code, AT&T has also added a new section to its on-demand library entitled “Happy Holiday Movies”, which offers holiday favorites in both standard and high definition versions.

Data Caps And Internet Service Providers Atlanta

Experts say that the costs to deliver data via internet service providers Atlanta to customers has decreased significantly, and yet data caps remain in place. The New America Foundation has released a paper which discusses the data cap, in a move to keep it in the forefront of consumer minds. Among other illuminating facts, the paper discusses how the counterintuitive business model of discouraging customers from using data is actually very lucrative for internet companies.

Many reasons have been given by internet companies over the years to explain the need for data caps, including the fact that it’s the cost of required labor for network maintenance that’s high. And the report also reveals that data caps aren’t due to competition the market; they’re simply a means for internet companies to increase their per-user revenue.

Correcting Two Main Barriers To Optimal Computer Operation

If your computer is running slower than normal or you notice an increasing number of errors, don’t throw away your system just yet; there are actually steps you can take to keep your computer running the way it should. The first most common problem are registry errors. These are common because of all the uninstalling of programs that goes on with a typical computer. And it makes your computer work harder. But you can easily correct this with a program that scans, identifies and then fixes these errors.

Another common issue that can gum up your computer’s digital pathways are malware and viruses. These also cause your computer to work harder than it needs to, shortening its life by a significant amount. Basic rules still apply for downloading anything from the internet: don’t do so unless you know and trust where you’re getting it from. As with registry errors, there is all kinds of software available to scan your computer for and eliminate viruses.

Does The Recovery Of The Economy Hinge On Internet Service Providers Miami?

Thanks to the watchful eyes of economists and politicians, broadband from Internet Service Providers Miami is an important element of the economy. According to the experts, broadband access, or the lack thereof, is having quite an impact on the economy. With every ten percent increase in broadband penetration, the Gross Domestic Product increases just over one percent in growth. But the problem is that high speed internet development and penetration is lagging behind applications advancement. To the layperson, this means that there is a ton of rich media out there, but not everyone has the broadband speed to experience it.

Access to the internet was also observed to have an impact on those internet uses which ultimately benefit the economy, such as health and education. Students having high speed access will have the opportunity to take advantage of online research sources suggested by teachers. Similarly, those seeking health care can obtain additional knowledge independently with a high speed connection.

IP Services Monetization Offerings Will Help Providers

Companies like internet service providers Houston have long had issues with how to not only optimize their networks, but monetize them as well. But thanks to the more sophisticated IP services which are entering the market, every internet company can better scale their networks, utilize their resources and offer more to their customers.


In the past, a service provider would struggle with a language barrier of sorts between themselves and consumers; the provider would perceive value in common flat-rate pricing for up and downstream data rates, while the consumer would look at the function of content. But the provision of value-added services has proven to be a win-win for both provider and consumer, as providers can now invest in IP service delivery and earn revenue, while the consumer enjoys more control over their services.

Anti-Racist Actions Being Taken By Social Media

A Canadian teenager who committed suicide last week after years of bullying has resulted in renewed vigilance to stop online bullying. Another social media giant, Twitter, made history today when it used a new tool to block account creation by neo-Nazi group Besseres Hannover. The block came after a request by Lower Saxony authorities asked Twitter to close the group’s account and disallow future accounts that may be requested by them.

Twitter’s tool allows for the blockage of content in a country which deems it illegal, but allows the content to be visible to other users via an internet service providers Philadelphia or other connection. In Germany, there are strict laws which prohibit any symbols or slogans of the Nazi era from being used. However, the group’s web site was hosted in the United States.

Why Graphene Is Great

Transparent and flexible computers and capacitors with super powers. These are just two of the many applications possible with graphene, a material that’s only one layer of atoms thick. But if you’re still waiting to get online with internet service providers Minneapolis using your transparent computer, you may have to wait a few more years.

In fact, it may be a decade before the issues that make graphene computers impractical are resolved. This is because the material doesn’t have a crucial element needed for the properly-directed flow of charge through circuits, also known as a bandgap. As a result, the material is not yet ready to replace today’s semiconductor components. But the material’s resilience to bending and pressure, along with its imperviousness to gas make it a sure entry into near-future research.

Using Social Media To Help Your Local Economy

Most of us have heard of the flash mob, where a group of people meet in a pre-determined location and then put on a surprise show for the public. But have you ever heard of a cash mob? This involves the same kind of organization, but with a different purpose: to help a local business owner generate cash.

This simple event only requires that an organized group of people meet online with internet service providers Chicago and make plans to shop at a particular store on a certain day. But although the premise is simple, the impacts of such an event can be long-lasting, as the business owner gets a quick injection of cash, while the shoppers get to take advantage of some retail therapy.

Facebook Anti-Takeover Feature Modified

Although controversial, Facebook’s way to protect its account users – by requesting their mobile phone numbers where login approvals were needed- was valuable enough to the company to have received some tweaks over the weekend. Now, instead of including mobile device passwords in a reverse lookup database, the phone numbers have been removed.  But Facebook spokespersons are saying this move is only a temporary one while the company works out how to allow users to opt out of the reverse lookup feature.

Why is the feature so controversial? Because any user wanting more protection would, in exchange, risk exposure of their mobile phone numbers to possibly all users of Facebook. It also seems that entering a mobile phone number is now mandatory for anyone wanting a Facebook account, something that is sure to create further controversy in future.

Should You Cancel Your Landline?

That’s just what many people are doing since the advent of the smart phone. After all, what good is a landline when you can use your mobile phone with Internet Service Providers St. Louis both at home and on the go? But, as cut and dried a decision as cutting your landline loose may be, there are still things to consider.

One consideration is your service. Your mobile phone may work very well for the few calls you may make in a day, but what’s the reception like the rest of the time? If you find that you suffer through multiple dropped calls, then keeping your landline may be the better option.

Most of those still hanging onto their landlines are doing so for accessibility to complete emergency services. What this means is, you may be able to dial 911 with your phone and reach on operator, but they won’t be able to trace your location.

Can Regulation Offer Protection From Cyber Crime?

There’s a lot of talk about net neutrality these days. Some are saying there is already too much regulation, while others think that regulation, in part, by internet service providers Nashville is the only way to stop cyber crime in its tracks. But the question of regulation carries with it a number of pros and cons.

A core truth of regulation is that it can help to stop crimes like identity theft and malware from affecting us. But on the other hand, that very regulation requires us to give up some of our security in the form of personal information.

Despite the millions of dollars lost every year as a result of cyber crime, there remains little in the way of executable ways to address the issue. So should the public simply wait until government devises ways to meet the problem head on? Most say no, that educating oneself is the only reliable way to stop cyber crime. What’s your opinion?

Why the World Needs Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that has been created in the United Kingdom by a group called the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In approximately one year’s time, there has been a lot of attention growing around the Raspberry Pi and the two incredibly low priced models that the foundation is currently taking pre-orders for; they are retailing for just USD $25 and USD $35, depending on which model a user purchases. There has been a lot of buzz and a lot of information released on this tiny PC, but many may be wondering if we really need this incredibly inexpensive PC. Even more may be curious whether or not this computer actually is any good. The world needs this PC, and the following are just some of the reasons why.

The price

Raspberry Pi was developed to be as inexpensive; it is the cost of an average textbook. This was done so that the computers would be affordable for most students, parents, and schools. Even though $25 or $35 might still be a stretch for the tightest budgets, these computers are just as affordable as any other textbook. This will serve to get computers into even more eager hands. At these low prices, teachers almost anywhere need not feel guilty about including these in their curriculum, just as they would a textbook. Additionally, more students will start looking to take programing classes if they know that they can afford the necessary materials so easily.


Programming skills are best developed when still young, and these skills are becoming more and more important as computers are becoming a greater and greater part of our daily lives. Less young people have been learning this schools as walled gardens and closed off game consoles become more common. The older, more flexible PCs that many programmers grew up experimenting on have become a thing of the past. With the Raspberry Pi and its accessibly low price, more and more young people will have access to these machines. Computer programming can not only be taught to more people, but it can well be taught in more places too, areas where programing has not been taught before due to low incomes and high equipment costs.

The demand

Since the foundation released information on its plans, they have been receiving emails from all over the globe asking about their PCs. Particularly in poorer, developing nations, there are those interested in ordering bulk, both as institutions for learning and as resellers. Preorders have been steadily streaming in for the devices, and this seems to indicate that not only will the Raspberry Pi be a hit, but it is a device that is much needed. A small computer that is inexpensive to make, the greatest hope to have for this device is that demand can be met, since this is a device that the world truly needs.

Written by John Adler, freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, flash website examples, social media, android apps, and other internet trends

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