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Top Internet Service Providers in Minneapolis

We have found after a careful review of the top internet service providers in Minneapolis that CenturyLink is the only DSL provider with dependable high speed internet infrastructure. Check out what coverage, promotions, and incentives are available in your area by clicking the link below and entering your zip code.

DSL Providers

At&t Verizon CenturyLink

Not Available in Minneapolis at this time

Not Available in Minneapolis at this time

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Uncovering the special aspects of Minneapolis is easy and fun when you use high speed internet. CenturyLink's reliable infrastructure gives you instant access to the city’s beautiful parks, romantic restaurants, and Walker Arts Center. If finding great deals and taking in a shopping extravaganza is your idea of adventure, Minneapolis’ Mall of America is the mecca of shopping enthusiasts throughout the nation. When you use high speed internet, a whole new world is at your fingertips to zero you in on what gets your pulse racing in Minneapolis.

Another terrific way to spend your day in Minneapolis is taking in a Twins’ game or enjoying a football tailgate at the Vikings’ game. Coordinating these schedules with your own is simple when you can check on your plans and find the best match via your high speed network connection, available throughout the city. There is so much that Minneapolis has to offer, and taking advantage of high speed internet access to learn more is a great way to save time and money.

Cable Internet Providers

If you are considering a cable ISP like Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter, you can quickly compare offers on our cable comparison chart.

Compare High Speed Internet in Other Cities

High speed internet will introduce you to a new world of exploring the web at incredible speeds. Finding Top Internet Service Providers in your zip code is simple by entering your location information in our easy to use interface. If you are relocating from Minneapolis to Denver, take a look at Internet Service Providers in Denver to find coverage and specials in Denver.

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