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Clear Wireless Internet WiMax Access

Are you looking for a wireless alternative to your cable, DSL, or other high speed broadband connection that allows you real mobility, but you don't want to deal with dead space between the hotspots? With Clear Wireless Internet the whole nation is turning into one big hotspot.

The technology Clear has brought about is allowing everyday people to expand their lifestyles by making broadband available everywhere. We can now access the internet while on the bus or taxi, listen to streaming music at the park or watch movies on the go.

Clear Benefits of WiMax

Going wireless before meant dealing with hotspots and poor coverage between the hotspots. WiMax technology ends the frustration by making an entire geographic area one large hotspot. Clear is one of the leading players in the WiMax consumer market, with coverage growing daily. And installation? What installation! Just grab your WiMax-ready device, or plug your CLEAR modem into your computer or laptop, and get online just like that.

No need for additional expenditures. Clear is supported in standard operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

And security? Unlike WiFi where anyone can enter your wireless atmosphere, your Clear connection is based on a licensed frequency and OFDM transmission protocol, which provides unprecedented security.

Clear Coverage Nationwide

Your Clear service can be accessed anywhere that there is an operating Clear network, which is constantly expanding throughout the nation.

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