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Compare DSL & Cable Broadband Access

Step 1 - Matching Speed to Your Needs

Use the chart below to determine how you are planning on using your new DSL or Cable internet connection. The easiest approach is to eliminate activities you are not planning on doing and evaluating those that are the most important for you.

Choose a speed quadrant based on your needs below and proceed to step 2 to see a side by side comparison of plans by each of the providers and their latest offers.

1 - Medium Speed 2 - Fast Speed 3 - Faster Speed 4 - Lightning Speed

< 1 Mbps

Ideal For:

  • Occasional Web Surfing
  • Good for basic email
  • Good for instant messaging
  • Good for basic web surfing: News, weather, & sports
  • Slow for downloading large files & attachments in emails

Up to 1.5 Mbps

Ideal For:

  • Everyday Web Surfing
  • Great for email
  • Fast web surfing
  • Online shopping
  • Downloading medium size files
  • Viewing low quality videos

Up to 3 Mbps

Ideal For:

  • Constant Surfing
  • Sending and receiving pictures & small files
  • Downloading music
  • Online banking, auctions, shopping & education
  • Viewing high quality videos

Up to 15 Mbps

Ideal For:

  • Advanced web surfing
  • Sending and receiving very large files
  • High quality streaming video & TV
  • Transfer of high quality digital pictures
  • Downloading movies
  • Online gaming
  • Multiple computers connected at the same time

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Don't pay more for High Speed Internet access than what you actually need. It's easy to select the right plan when you assess your needs & lifestyle, and then compare available plans.

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