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Now you can have blazing fast speed with Verizon DSL Internet. Talk & Surf at the same time with a High-Speed Internet connection! Up to 10x fast than standard dial-up.

Verizon high speed DSL is great for...

  • Frequent web surfing
  • Downloading photos and music
  • Online gaming
  • Streaming video
  • A better internet experience.

DSL Start Verizon Internet today. It is one of the US's most exciting and fastest growing communications providers. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access from Verizon DSL! Not only do you get high-speed access, but you also eliminate the frustration of dealing with a dial-up connection, logging in and slow surfing speeds.

Be sure to compare their service by reviewing our Verizon Internet Service Guide & Comparison Chart to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Feel free to read more about Verzion DSL Offers.

There is an easy broadband comparison two step process starting on the home page if you are having trouble comparing between DSL and Cable high speed internet providers.

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