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Satellite Internet Service

If you live in a rural area with no access to cable or DSL, then you have two choices -- dialup service, which is too slow for today's surfing needs, or satellite internet service. Traditionally, this technology has been viewed as being too expensive for most people. However, satellite internet providers have made it possible for you to save significantly with several online offers. Many satellite providers are offering a great solution for those who are limited from a geographical perspective.

Satellite Service Specials

1 - Medium Speed
2 - Fast Speed
3 - Faster Speed
4 - Lightning Speed
< 1 Mbps
Up to 10 Mbps
Up to 10 Mbps
Up to 15 Mbps





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Wild Blue Select



WildBlue Packages Include:

  • 5 email addresses on Value & Select Packages; 10 email addresses on Pro Package
  • Free F-Secure Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Software
  • Equipment lease options at $5.95 a month for 24 months
  • Pre-pay purchase option flat fee $99.95 - a $40 savings
  • One-time Account Setup Fee only $99.95 online - $50 savings

HughesNet Packages:

  • Subscription prices increase to regular pricing after 3 months - $60 savings/li>
  • Order online and save additional $50 instantly using code WEBPROMO at checkout
  • Free installation on select plans
  • New purchase orders save $199.99 after mail-in rebate - system must be active a minimum of 31 days
  • 5 email addresses on Basic & Power 150 Packages; 10 email addresses on Power 200 Package
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Business solutions available

Getting connected for a 21st century solution and beyond is fairly simple. Satellite internet service delivers fast, affordable broadband access at comparable speeds to other delivery modes utilizing a dish much like television service. This type of service offers a connection that is always on, offering lightning fast speeds to the information superhighway. Satellite internet service providers will continue to step up to the plate and expand their reach and speed offerings. Even though they are currently the only service that delivers high speed access where landlines don't reach, their rates are competitively priced with other broadband options.

The Highlights Of Satellite Technology

Satellite internet service is unique, because it doesn't rely on land lines to deliver a signal. However, some ISPs do employ land line backup systems when inclement weather occurs and interferes with a satellite signal. Most often, this switch to land lines goes unnoticed by satellite internet customers.

A satellite system consists of a dish and receiver usually rented or sold by the satellite internet providers. The dish is installed outside of the home, and the receiver is necessary for your dish and computer to communicate. When both elements are in place, satellite customers can enjoy comparable speeds to that of other internet service providers.

A common misconception is that satellite internet service is too expensive for a household to afford. However, there are several solutions in place today to help homeowners. The Recovery Act program is set up by the federal government, and offers reimbursements of some of the costs of satellite internet. As well, many ISPs will waive their installation fees and allow for the leasing of equipment as opposed to requiring a homeowner to purchase their satellite equipment outright.

Getting broadband service to the net is easier than ever. Internet Providers are offering DSL, cable, fiber optic and satellite connections for negotiating the worldwide web with ease.

Getting a clear picture of which internet service providers are available in your neighborhood is easy with our easy-to-use interface. Simply click on the "Check Availability" links and enter your location information directly on the ISP's website. You can also peruse the various plans and speeds they are currently offering.

In many cases, satellite internet companies are the only choice for internet providers in my area. This is the case for some more rural areas. However, if you live in or near a metropolitan area, satellite may not be the best choice.

If satellite internet service is not for you there are other options and a mobile Wireless Internet solution may be the right fit. We also have tips for accessing the vast network of Wireless Internet Hotspots nationwide.

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