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How Does Cable Internet Work?

Cable internet access is high speed broadband connected through your cable company. The cable company would be considered your internet service provider (ISP). They usually charge an additional fee to your cable bill. This type of broadband is considered an "always on" type of connection.

So how can a cable company provide hundreds of TV channels and internet connectivity all at the same time? Cable internet technology uses reserved cable channels only for your internet use; therefore it does not affect your internet speed even if you are using more than one TV at home. When you start surfing the web, the cable modem provided by your cable company first converts signals into data that your pc can understand. The method for distributing these signals can either be through a coaxial cable or fiber optic. Then, cable companies split bandwidth into channels and assign these channels to each network (i.e. CNN or cartoon network). After that, data travels through your ISP and your ISP then look for your requested data in the Internet. All of this happens in just a split second.

cable internet diagram

The only downside of this kind of technology is that your internet speed will depend on how many users in your zone are accessing the internet at the same time, since cable internet speeds vary on the shared bandwidth of the channel with other users. However, the slowest connection that you can get is still many times faster than your old dial-up access.

Based upon the explanation of the technology, if you have determined that a cable broadband plan fits your needs, your next step would be to determine which of the cable high speed internet providers is available in your neighborhood.

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