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HughesNet Satelite Internet Service

HughesNet Gen4: Satellite Internet That Helps Small Towns Think Big

Even if you can't get cable or DSL in your area, you can get high-speed Internet thanks to HughesNet Gen4. HughesNet Gen4 is 15 times faster than previous HUghesNet plans, which means it's smarter, stronger and more reliable than ever. Having fast Internet available in small towns changes the daily lives of residents living in rural areas. Send emails in seconds, watch videos instantly and even download whole movies. HughesNet Gen4 isn't just satellite Internet. It's smart satellite Internet.

Which Gen4 Plan is Right for You?


10 Mbps / 1 up



Power PRO

10 Mbps / 2 up



Power MAX

15 Mbps / 2 up




All HughesNet Gen4 plans include the following features:

  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Opportunity for FREE standard installation
  • PC Security Suite trial
  • Web hosting trial
  • Identity theft protection service trial
  • Anytime Allowance
  • Bonus Bytes
  • Personalized home page
  • Equipment, including a satellite modem and antenna
  • An always-on connection

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