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How to Install a Cable Modem

Installing a cable modem is easy. You don't need to open your pc cover, unless you don't have a NIC (Network interface card) installed in your pc. But, most NICs come pre-installed in many types and brand names of PC.

Equipment Required

  1. Cable Internet access
  2. Cable modem
  3. Computer
  4. Cable TV outlet
  5. USB or CAT 5 cable to connect the modem to your computer
  6. NIC (network interface card)
  7. Extra coaxial cable for adequate length

Connecting Cable Modem to Your PC

  1. Turn off your computer to avoid power surges.
  2. Connect the coax line from the wall to the cable connector on the cable modem.
  3. cable modem

  4. Get the Ethernet cable or CAT5 cable and plug one end to the Ethernet port of your pc's NIC.
    *Note: make sure to use the Ethernet cable provided along with the modem or check for any Ethernet cable specifications for the appropriate cable type.
  5. ethernet picture

  6. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your cable modem.
  7. Plug the power adapter of your cable modem to a power outlet
  8. Connect the adaptor to the modem's power connector.
  9. Power up the modem
  10. Power up the PC

If you have decided that a cable broadband subscription is right for you, your next step would be to determine which of the cable internet providers has the best plan for your budget and lifestyle.

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