high speed internet providers

Need Help Installing Your PC to Your Broadband Connection?

Ever wonder the differences between these various technologies, and how they are similar and different? We have compiled some information on how the technologies work to help demystify all of the jargon thrown around.

Since each of the high speed internet provider types has a different set of equipment and terminology, we decided to provide separate instructions for each of the main types of ISP connections.

By clicking on any of the links above you will find detailed step by step basics for connecting your PC to the internet whether you are on dialup, DSL, Cable or Satellite. The instructions are meant to provide a basic understanding of the installation process and hopefully get you over the hurdle if you are unfamiliar with terminology and equipment. At any point if you feel you are not sure or are uncomfortable following these steps, it is highly recommended that you seek professional installation advice from your ISP.

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