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Best Internet Providers Reviewed

The best internet providers for you may not necessarily be the same as for your friends and neighbors. Because broadband plans are not one size fits all, we have provided mini reviews of the top players across the nation in order for you to get started in your search for your high speed subscription. You can easily check availability of your top picks in order to quickly narrow your search. Most providers offer valuable incentives for their online customers, so make sure you compare the types of promotions available from each company listed as you do your research.

DSL Providers

Considering the no-fuss installation of this internet type, it's little wonder why DSL is as popular as it is. DSL uses a phone line signal to deliver internet by a simple split in the cable. Because separate parts of the line can be used for phone and internet that never interfere with each other, surfing can occur at the same time as talking on the phone.

AT&T Internet

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The inclusion of Wi-fi with their plans, along with low-cost internet packages of approximately $20 per month are just two features of the AT&T DSL connection that customers enjoy. The highest download speed of 6 Mbps suits moderate internet users who wish to send and receive pictures via email, use social networks or view medium-quality video content online. This connection is currently available in 55 states. Those wishing to save money each month can bundle their existing AT&T phone service with their chosen internet package.


Verizon Internet

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Verizon internet service's DSL connection can be had from approximately $20 per month, and reaches download speeds of up to 1 Mbps. According to this company, internet speeds remain consistent even if an entire neighborhood is surfing the internet simultaneously. Easy self-installation suits do-it-yourselfers and non-technical users alike, with 24 hour support if help is needed. Online subscribers receive a free wireless router, free personal web space and a free email address. Verizon Wi-fi is also included for those who need to email, network or surf on the go.

Fiber Optic Providers

To many, having a fiber optic internet connection means being able to enjoy the internet at its best. This incredibly fast internet type offers a clean and dedicated connection that is not affected by high simultaneous usage or number of downloads. Voice and television can be delivered along with internet, resulting in lifelike HDTV and interference-free phone usage.


AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse

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AT&T U-verse offers a fiber optic connection and a range of technology services for the home. Five internet packages are available, with download speeds that can reach 24 Mbps and begin at an approximate cost of $35 monthly. Their 3 Mbps package suits the light internet user who wishes to use social media, share photos, download music and send and receive email. The higher speed packages allow for seamless online gaming, streaming video, online conferencing and downloading movies. Subscribers can also choose to network several computers in their home with the wireless networking capability that is built in.


Verizon FiOS

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Although not yet available in all areas, customers having access to Verizon FiOS consider this company to provide high value for the dollar. Wi-fi access is included with all plans, along with several email accounts and tech support. Fiber optic speeds with this company can reach 50 Mbps, which will suit even the most extreme online gamers, downloaders and movie buffs. Other packages are available at lower speeds, and begin at approximately $65 monthly. Customers can also choose to bundle their internet service with this company's phone and TV packages for a discount on their services.

Cable Providers

A cable connection offers the internet user speeds that well exceed that of many other broadband delivery methods. This, compared with its reliability and availability are what makes cable a preferred internet connection for a lot of internet users. This connection requires installation by qualified technicians and may involve the drilling of holes into walls for the purpose of running the cable to more than one room needing internet access.



XFINITY internet

The extra services which add value to their internet service is what most customers claim to enjoy the most. With an advanced security suite of $160 in value being included at no extra cost, and online protection for children, XFINITY seems to be upping their game in the marketplace. Their SmartZone communications center allows for the checking of email and voice mail using an email client. Video mail is also included, as is easy-to-access news clips, movie previews and games. Online storage allows for the accessing of files from any internet-connected computer in the home.

Reviewing and comparing internet service providers becomes much easier when a quality ISP resource is available. To determine whether or not a comparison guide is worth it's salt, make sure that it provides unbiased reviews of top broadband companies nationwide. Additionally, it must provide a simple way for you to narrow down your specific options.

What many consumers don't realize is that the internet service providers that advertise in your marketplace may not provide network access to your neighborhood. Not understanding this can lead to frustration if you are trying to make phone calls to every company that touts its service on television.

That's where our site can help. We help you quickly narrow down who the internet providers in my area are with our easy interface that allows you to check availability with virtually every major broadband player in the market.

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