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Customers And Internet Providers In New York Celebrate Digital Culture

New York

Whether you live in Brooklyn Heights or Soho, you've probably heard some buzz about Internet Week New York 2012. This year will mark the fifth for the event, scheduled for May 14th to the 21st. This internet festival is a leader, having been showcasing New York's involvement with the technology industry, as well as being a celebration of modern technology.

The venue for the event will be comprised of dozens of locations in and around the city, as well as at the headquarters for the festival, which itself will hold almost 300 events. Last year's festival was wildly successful, with keynote addresses from such speakers as Arianna Huffington, Jake Dobkin and Judah Friedlander.

Tech start-ups wowed many attendees at the NY Tech Meetup, while a number of organizations hosted events, from banks to artists to those excited about technology. And David-Michel Davies, who is chair of Internet Week New York, says that this year's festival will be bigger and better than ever. This year's focus will be on the communication of ideas between people, and having fun doing it. And indeed, a now course for the internet could be charted.

Indeed, the internet itself has many opportunities for people to connect, from social media to forums that cover just about every topic under the sun. Some are making the most of their mobile internet connections by keeping tabs on the latest developments such as personal wi-fi and mobile devices that are internet-ready from any location in the world. And these represent just the tip of the iceberg.

For those that aren't up to speed on what's happening in the digital world because they don't consider themselves to be 'techy', an event like this offers a great opportunity to learn more about technology. And because it's happening at places all over the city, getting to a venue that's close to where you live can be much easier than you think, even if you live in Westchester.

You may discover that you knew more than you thought about the internet and how it works. And you might even be able to apply the new knowledge you gain to your work life if you find a device or tweak that can increase your efficiency. At the very least, you will discover many new and interesting things about the online world.

Although the Internet Week schedule for this year has not yet been announced as of this writing, you can still review last year's events and speakers to get an idea of the kinds of things that were offered. You will find events in several categories, including advertising, mobile and social media. You can also sort events by type, including class, mixer and conference.

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