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Consumer Demand For More Options For Home Music Distribution Highlighted In New Study

Dallas, Texas

Parks Associates, a market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services, today released a report which reveals interesting new technology soon to come down the pipe. In addition to new services, consumer trends for preferred audio consumption in the home were also revealed.

The report, titled "Networked Audio Products: Market Update", reveals that over sixty percent of tablet owners in the United States use their device to listen to music downloaded from internet providers on a weekly basis. And that type of usage, says Parks Associates, is what will drive the launch of products that include these new device networking technologies.

In addition, the report stated that consumers are seeking new ways in which to listen to their audio that allow for more freedom than methods currently being used such as smart phones and tablets. And so these networking technologies will allow tablets to connect to other mobile devices and services which offer music for consumption by the connected masses.

In deploying devices able to network with other devices, consumers will be able to enjoy their favourite music from any room, or in multiple rooms throughout the home. The report speculated that networked home audio units will contain these networking abilities, and that over 90 million of them will be being shipped around the world in just four years from now.

Fueling the growth for a multiroom music experience is the agreement of major companies to license their technology for use in these new networked devices. Apple's AirPlay technology is but one example of a company who is positively impacting the growing trend of personal music consumption over personal devices. Should the trend continue - and there appears to be nothing to indicate otherwise - other companies will come on board to take advantage of the trend.

The Parks Associates firm announced the keynote and conference sessions for its TIA 2012 Conference at the beginning of March. The event brings device manufacturers, service providers and advanced technology companies together and presents solutions for connected consumers, and will take place in Dallas, Texas from June 5th to the 7th of this year.

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