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Mobile Technology Impacts Day Care Centers

Ann Arbor, MI - March 27, 2012

With the app market growing at the lighting-fast rate of 50% per year, there are more opportunities to profit than ever. But there are also more opportunities to benefit the community. Three day care centers in Ann Arbor, Michigan are enjoying the advantages of a new web-based application which sends reports and updates to parents.

Child Care Daily adds a level of convenience and quality to the day care experience for both parents and children by sending updates on a child's activity throughout the day to a parent's web browser, or any other device with a connection from internet providers, such as a mobile device or tablet. Meanwhile, day care center teachers can spend more time instructing and interacting with the children.

The app, developed by day care center owners Rob and Anne Kennedy, allow teachers and other staff to meet the daily tracking and reporting requirements of a licensed facility, such as meals and diaper changes, without the need to spend time generating the paperwork that would traditionally accompany such requirements.

In addition, the app allows teachers to post and edit their lesson plans for parents to see, send group messages with an integrated communication center and creates and increases staff accountability and productivity. As well, parents who find they are rushed at pickups can now get the full story of their child's day without having to remember paperwork that was filled out by staff.

Currently, the Child Care Daily app is being tested in the three day care centers owned by the Kennedys along with three IXL Learning Centers in Birmingham, Hamburg and Howell. And it seems to be a resounding success, with great enjoyment from parents who can now stay connected with their children on a daily basis.

A 30-day trial of the app is available, and has so far been requested by nearly thirty day care centers across the United States. There are currently over 100,000 licensed child care centers and an estimated 200,000 child care businesses that are regulated by state.

Unlike many other industries that are well into using technology in their day-to-day operations, the child care industry is just beginning its journey into tools and equipment which can streamline the process and increase security. One example of the latter is fingerprinting technology which assists with identification during child pickups.

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