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CenturyLink Phone - Bundle and Save!

Bundle your local and long distance CenturyLink phone plans for ultimate savings. They have special pricing if you are considering using both services so why not save by purchasing the package deals.

CenturyLink Phone - Local Plans

If you are only going for the local plan, CenturyLink phone has 3 packages to choose from starting under $15. Basic CenturyLink Phone service does not have any calling features. For those that need a little more, you can choose the "Choice Home" CenturyLink Phone plan that includes 3 features like call waiting, caller id, and voice mail. And for those really looking for it all, check out "Choice Home Plus" CenturyLink Phone plan including 10 features. At the end of the day only pay for what you need.

CenturyLink Phone - Domestic Long Distance Plans

There are 3 plans to choose from depending on the amount of long distance calls you make. The key is to match your lifestyle to the plan that will save you the most money. If you are planning on spending countless hours on the phone, the "Unlimited" CenturyLink Phone plan is the way to go. For a way lower monthly charge, quest phone has a 5 cent plan per minute. And for those that want long distance available, but don't foresee using it too much, there is always the 99 cent monthly and 15 cents a minute plan.

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