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CenturyLink Telephone has several local and long distance packages to choose from. Their basic local plan starts under $15 and you can upgrade to the "Choice" plan that gives you 3 calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voice Mail. For ultimate savings, you will want to bundle both the local and long distance plans. The above link will take you to a very easy to understand chart explaining the features and special pricing.

The beauty of the long distance CenturyLink Telephone plan is you can call all you want, whenever you want, to anywhere in the US for one of the lowest prices around. With CenturyLink Telephone Unlimited Service you can take advantage of the savings without any calling time restrictions some of the other providers may have.

Haven't quite found the plan for you, review our comparison of High Speed CenturyLink DSL plans to find out which one is right for you. Feel free to read more about CenturyLink Phone service.

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