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Finally, high speed internet service that works exactly when you want it to the way you were promised. If you are tired of over hyped high speed service providers and are looking to connect with an industry leader then Verizon DSL Service is exactly what you've been looking for. Act now and save with Verizon's special online offer.

Hands down Verizon DSL is the best service for the cost. In comparison tests, Verizon consistently showed the lowest latency of the three major internet providers, which means that Web pages appear faster. In all of our trials, we consistently got the strongest signals with Verizon. You are one click away from a faster better web experience.

Feel free to compare Verizon Internet Service Plans to find out what plan fits your needs and lifestyle. You can also read more about Verzon DSL Specials.

There is an easy broadband comparison two step process starting on the home page if you are having trouble comparing between DSL and Cable high speed internet providers.

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