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WildBlue Satellite Internet Service

If you’re stuck with dial-up because DSL and Cable aren’t available in your area, you still have an option. WildBlue Satellite Internet is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-speed satellite internet. It’s also on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to monthly fees.

And now they’re offering installation, equipment and monthly service for their lowest prices ever. With WildBlue satellite internet, no matter where you live, you can finally get that always-on connection that makes surfing the web much more enjoyable. You can even download music, share photos and use social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Which Wild Blue Promotion Is Right for You?

Value Pak

512 Kbps


Free Installation

$50 Off Equipment

Select Pak

1 Mbps


Free Installation

$50 Off Equipment

Pro Pak

1.5 Mbps


Free Installation

$50 Off Equipment

WildBlue Satelite Internet Promotions

Find out everything you need to know about installation, equipment and monthly service. Still have questions? Your best bet is to call and speak to a satellite TV expert. Or read on to learn more about WildBlue's features and benefits.

WildBlue Satellite Features & Benefits:

  • FREE Installation + subscriptions as low as $49.95/mo
  • $50 Off voucher towards equipment costs
  • Spam and virus filtering included FREE
  • Speeds much faster than you can get with dial-up.
  • Secure, reliable, ‘always-on’ connection
  • Available virtually everywhere across the 48 contiguous states

Feel free to walk through our easy to use High Speed Internet Guide to find additional satellite high speed internet options.

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